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Lots of deer hunters have questions. Our deerhunters Zano and Robert Hoague have real-world answers in the  Deerhunting.Net Q&A
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PEAK RUT, How To Predict It Where You Hunt, by Dennis Crabtree 
"The Whitetail breeding period lasts longer than most people realize. The closer to the peak of the rut you get the bigger and the more bucks you will see interacting with the doe's." Here is how to figure out what your peak rut is.

Whitetails In Texas & Mexico - Venado Loco's comprehensive web site. Deer pics, info on what to expect and where to go.

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Tell your own deerhunting story in 2002 and help out hunters in your state -- go to Field Reporter for  We can use your help in the 2005 "Virtual" Deerhunting Community. Deer hunters report in our data base when they hunt -- with facts about sightings, weather, buck activity, the rut, deer harvests, and other key events. Deer hunters everywhere log on and discover what is happening in their own state and local area.

9 Year Old Cody Reese Gets His First Deer
Larry Reese, the Taxidermy columnist, reports in that his son Cody bagged his first deer during the Maryland muzzleloading season. Congratulations Cody.

Zano, one of the Answer Guys on Deerhunting.Net reported in today with Good News About Clint - Clint Christensen, Zano's teenage son, bagged this fine buck on Saturday, Dec 1. Here's the low down and pictures of Clint and the buck. (If there is anything better than a young bowhunter with their first deer I don't know what it is...Robert).

Constructing a Mock Scrape - by Steve Bartylla
A step by step guide with pictures of Steve's technique for making Mock  Scrapes. Guide For Making Mock Scrapes.

So, You've Decided To Hunt Whitetail Deer With A Bow! by Stu Keck - The whitetail deer has always been the most important big-game animal on this continent. This is Part #1 of Stu's in depth coverage of everything about the North American Whitetail.

A Seasonal Guide to Hunting White-tailed Deer, by Steve Bartylla - The only constant, in patterning deer, is change and the only way to keep up with change is knowledge. Steve's 5 part series on hunting deer before, after and during the whitetail rut.
WHITETAIL INFO - Stu Keck's In Depth Coverage:

Announcing the Whitetail update to Stu Keck's North American Game Species (NAGS) column, to include: Ranges where they are found, Anatomy & physiology, Behavior & habits, Habitat requirements & preferences with special attention to Diet, Hunting tips & techniques.
Deerhunting Question & Answer Forum.
Lots of deer hunters have questions. Top deerhunters Crabby, Steve Bartylla, Zano and Dr. Dave Samuel have real real world answers in the  Deerhunting.Net Q&A. The questions and answers are fully searchable 

Deerhunters World Wide Network! A fully interactive area to exchange ideas, ask, learn, teach, help, share, sell or swap, and enjoy deerhunting with other deerhunters every day of the year. Deerhunters World Wide Network. Categories include: Calling, Classified, Community-About me, Community-talk to other deerhunters, Deer Sign, Deer-Whitetails, Deer-Mule Deer, Deer-Coues, Deer-Blacktail, Elk, Find A Hunting Partner, Hunting Methods-Treestands, Hunting Methods-Ground Blinds, Hunting Methods-Stalking, Hunting Methods-Drives, Hunting Methods-Other, Rattling Questions, Rut Questions, Scent-Controling Ours, Scent-Lures, Scent-Coverscent, Scouting, and Trade A Hunt. Type of Deer: Whitetail, Axis, Blacktail, Caribou, Coues, Elk, Moose, Mule deer, Red Stag, Roe deer, and Sitca deer.

Scouting With Your Free Satellite Map
We use a free Terraserver satellite map that I got from their web site and see where the Rolled Wire fits into the deer picture. Scouting With Satellite Map
Right now we are using a free satellite map I got from the net to find deer travel routes at the Rolled Wire. It's a deer hotspot and a buck run. Last year was my first ever time to hunt it, so there is lots to learn. Scouting For Deer - 1999

Do Bucks Have Antlers In June?
Last June a deerhunter emailed me and asked that question. My reply said, " I'll show you."

Hunting Regulations For USA & Canada
Links to all the State and Canadian web sites for hunting regulations, hunting seasons, and license fees.
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The first "Virtual" Deerhunting Community has been on since 1996. Annually, deer hunters report to our data base when they hunt -- with facts about sightings, weather, buck activity, the rut, and other key events. Deer hunters everywhere log on and discover what is happening in their own area. We could use your help -- if you want to pitch in. Info - Field Reporter for
Dennis Crabtree Q&A Team bowhunt Nilgi & Javelina on the King Ranch.
Dr.Dave Samuel, Steve Bartylla and Dennis Crabtree get into the thick of the bowhunting action. The hunting logs are going up daily! Online Bowhunt - Javelina and Nilgai
When The Rut Is On, What's That Look Like? Come with me into into an actual Core Rutting Area during the rut. Here are digital pics to show you what a happening Rutting area looks like.
Part 1: The Area.
Part 2: The Sure Fire Rut Sign.
Part 3: The Rut Heats Up
Part 4: Setting Up to Hunt

Steve Bartylla's video:
Northwoods Whitetail Adventures: The Essentials.

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