It’s A Tradition On Our Deer Lease That When A Buck Is Shot We All Take Up The Track To Recover It. Here’s How That Went.

I walked to the house and waited for darkness and for my buddies to pull in. To be honest I was apprehensive. Crown Buck was too close for me to use the sight on my crossbow and basically I shot him instinctively. The arrow went so fast that I could not see it and Crown Buck exploded instantly and ran full tilt towards the mouth of the gulley 80 yards away.

The tall grass sucked in his outline and that was the end of what I saw. He was out of sight in seconds. I felt good about the hit, however I had no real facts to base that on.

After dark Richey, John, Bryant, Collin and Champ arrived. It was already one of those darker than dark nights. We switched our flashlights on and they followed me to where I made the shot. Collin videoed with his iPhone. We looked around the immediate area. No one found my arrow nor did anyone see any blood.

“He went this direction,” I said, and started walking in the direction of the gulley. When we got to the tall grass we spread out. We were not finding any sign or the buck.

Champ spoke excitedly, “I found blood!”

The blood was red and frothy. ‘A lung hit,’ I thought. Now I felt less anxious and shined my flashlight around to locate the entry way to the gulley. I walked there and shined downward through the dark.

Behind me, Champ called out, “Here he is!”