People wish to protect themselves and their loved ones. That is one of the reasons why they own firearms such as pistols, shotguns, and ARs. The current trend is using red dots and lasers on pistols and tactical platforms such as shotguns, blackouts, and AR-type rifles. The commonly asked question is- ‘which is the most effective in a self-defence situation?’. The answer depends on several factors.

Lasers, Red Dots, or a Light Strobe Combination 

If you’re using a red dot, shake and wake reflex, laser strobe light, laser light combo, microdot, or anything else that requires a battery, be sure you have a backup. If you fail to replace the battery in your red dot sights or Laser and it does not turn on when the time comes, you no longer have a red dot on your device.

The Drawbacks of Lasers and Laser Light Combinations

One problem is that when you switch on a laser, you are broadcasting your location to everyone in the area; imagine you are in a dark room with a green laser, and all the bad people know where you are.

Although, they are a valuable tool in home self-defence and here is why-

  • When utilised appropriately, a laser can be a very useful tool. You should become familiar with its functions: whether it is left or right-handed, does it turn off with a single tap, is the sensor on, and how this will affect your emergency approach. Practise at the range until you’re comfortable with it. The idea here is to practise without turning on the laser. 

Red Dots and reflex sights are well-known for their speed.

The advantage of a red dot is that it can quickly get you on target. You don’t need to have a perfect head position to gain a full view of your target because they feature limitless eye relief. You don’t have to re-adjust to locate the sweet spot, so you can discover the target and pull the trigger faster.

Concerns about the Red Dot

Before entering into the red dot world, whether it is for an AR platform or a micro-dot or RMR on your handgun, there are a few things to consider. The following are primary worries about a red dot.

  • You must have good technique- If you haven’t used your red dot setup in a while, it may take a few moments to acquire your target accurately, especially on micro-dots.
  • You are relying on a battery-powered device- Battery life on sights is currently very good, with several offering a lifetime of use from a single battery. Some will turn on when you pick them up to help save battery life, and various dimming options extend the battery life.

Laser Or Red Dot? Which is the most efficient?

There are no hard and fast rules for determining which one will work best for you. You must assess your abilities and strengths. You can use any setup efficiently if you shoot a thousand rounds per week. If you have a pistol by your bedside that hasn’t been fired in months, you should probably stick to the most basic setup imaginable.

Even if you are the person who fires a thousand rounds per week, it is advisable to keep it simple. Consider whether the on/off switch is easy and usable under stress and in the dark.


We recommend that you test each one to determine which one best suits you and your style. Red dots require more experience and technique. Red dots are more tactical, and we recommend that they supplement the more experienced user.